Dr. Carina Fearnley is UCL Associate Professor in Science and Technology Studies in the UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies, and an Honorary Research Associate at the UCL Hazard Centre

Carina is an interdisciplinary academic focusing on two distinct areas of research. First, drawing on relevant expertise in the social sciences to enable concepts of scientific uncertainty, risk, and complexity to be re-framed and communicated within the context of Disaster Risk Reduction and provide practical insights into how, early warning systems specifically, can be made more effective. Second, the transdisciplinary potential of art and science collaborations around environmental hazards, and the role of geopolitics in the production of risk. She is a strong believer that interdisciplinary work can provide enormous benefit to problems that society faces today that traditional disciplines cannot address alone by bringing together the wealth of knowledge and techniques of different disciplines so that a better understanding of the problems can be developed, and consequently effective solutions found. 

Keen to engage with the public, Carina has been on worldwide, national, and local radio (largely BBC) and TV during numerous volcanic and tsunami crises, invited expert with the Nature Live Team at the Natural History Museum, and been involved in Science Showoff, Soapbox Science, Pint of Science, Athena SWAN initiatives, and Muso-IMPROPERA. In addition Carina has worked on an Art collaborations including 'The Other Volcano' with Nelly Ben Hayoun, and ‘Beside the Ocean of Time’ with Anne Bevan, co-organising and presenting a ‘Deep Time’ festival in Orkney. 

Brief Bio: Carina has a background in Geology and Mining following studies at Imperial College London, before working in the London financial sector for three years in investment banking and stock brokering. Inspired by the tragedy of the 2004 Boxing Day Indonesian Tsunami that killed over 230,000 people Carina was keen to understand how we can better communicate and integrate science and society to prevent such tragedies repeating. Following her Ph.D. titled 'Standardising the USGS volcano alert level system: acting in the context of risk, uncertainty and complexity’ she went on to lecture at the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at Aberystwyth for five years, whilst also completing a PGCTHE, before taking up her current post. Carina is currently Secretary of the Cities and Volcanoes Commission of IAVCEI, and co-founded and leads the World Organisation of Volcanoes (WOVO) Volcano Alert Level Working Group. She is a regular consultant for the Bournemouth Disaster Management Centre based at Bournemouth University, conducting CPD courses in the Middle East. 

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